Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ebooks at BYU

I have been trying to figure out the usage of ebooks at BYU, who uses them, how often often, and the types of ebooks that are available. So far I have not had much success. I started by using the library chat feature. They referred me to an office in the library by giving me a number. I then ran into the problem of it being closed. So finally I was able to get a hold of this office and then they sent me over to someone else, Bill Lund? (not sure on the last name), who was in charge of computers and such. Well he was in a meeting and so I had to leave a message. I have not heard back from him yet, hopefully it will be before class.

Thinking about other ebooks that I have used for class on the BYU's library page, I know that BYU does have electronic books. Some books are not available to all students and you have to be apart of that college to use them (law). Also, some of the ebooks that are available only one person can be viewing it at a time. Which is much like a normal book. But the ebooks that I have come across are usually actual text books that have been made available in electronic format.

That is what I have to report, so far.

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