Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rainbow's End

Rainbows EndRainbows End by Vernor Vinge

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Although the ending left me hanging I think overall it was a pretty decent book. Sometimes I had a hard time picturing exactly what was going on so I was confused at some moments. However, I think that the ideas that are shared in Rainbows End are very important. I think we are facing some of the same issues today that Robert Gu is facing. We are all waking up from this almost coma into a world of change. We have so many different forms of consumption for literature that sometimes we forget what it means to read an 'actual book'. But then we also have to question what is reading? Does reading online count? Or does listening count? I think, perhaps, we will always have books but they may not be as readily available as they are today. Bookstores might disappear and we will be left with a virtual world much like Robert Gu's. We will need to adapt to the change or become obsolete.

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