Wednesday, May 18, 2011


In this world of change and adaptation we all need to be able to cope with those advances. If we don't then we often get left behind. Books companys and publishing companys are making books available online or on kindles, etc but that is not the only thing they are doing. Changing their book designs to attract a generation that is no longer focused on the classic literature but more popular literature. I just thought it was interesting that these covers have been redesigned. It kind of reflects the conversation I was having with Taylor before class. We were talking about the book lists that we all keep of to-reads. The list only seems to get longer instead of shorter. Often times, at least for me, when we sit down to read we don't want to pull out Crime and Punishment or Heart of Darkness but instead choose an easy book to read. We decide to read that Harry Potter book one more time or start the Hunger Games. As we often choose the more popular books, we can see the publishers trying to engage the ever changing culture.

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  1. I've always been kind of enraged that someone used the stock photo on the Twilight cover (I only assume it's stock. No fact-checking involved) on a C. S. Lewis book.

    And you have a point that people do want to read things more like The Hunger Games than what we consider classics. I've actually been thinking a lot today about what people are deciding to read. I'm probably going to blog about this.