Friday, May 6, 2011


As I was reading Rainbows End I had an epiphany. I was thinking about Robert Gu an the transformation that he was going through when I realized that the software that Robert and others wore was called "Epiphany". I thought it was an odd name.

I related it back to literature and the journey that characters often go through. At some point in any story characters have epiphanies: an awakening, an understanding, or a rebirth. In our lives the light blubs in our minds go off as we realize something and as we change. The Epiphany technology allow those in Rainbows End to have access to all sorts of knowledge. Robert Gu's epiphany was when he realized the change that he had gone through. He was no longer the same man he was before.

Those were some of the epiphanies that I noticed. What were some that you noticed?

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  1. Since you are studying James Joyce's Dubliners, you probably already know that the story "Araby" includes a famous literary example of an epiphany.

    Maybe books are "epiphany technologies" that we "wear" in a way parallel to the Epiphany tech in Rainbows End. That is, we get inside of books in order to have an immersive experience that changes how we see the world and perhaps how we interact with it due to its imaginative layers.