Wednesday, May 25, 2011

E-books, creating our own

So after class on Wednesday I started thinking about my research topic and how I could tie that into creating an e-book. I was inspired by Amy and what she has been researching. I started thinking about visual art and how that affects our interpretations of different things that we consume. She talked about how when she saw some pictures of The Red Fern Grows that it brought different feelings or a different view on the written work. (Blog 1, Blog 2). Her research got me thinking about my own research and research that others have been doing in class.

We consume literature so many different ways. Each way that we consume literature we have a different reading or a different interpretation. Sometimes as we read we try to reproduce some of those thoughts by either making a blog, or creating a movie, drawing, or even writing your own version of the story. These are all ways that we consume and then understand what we have consumed.

The way that people reproduce what they have consumed affects their view of the material. If you look at fanfiction and other remixing. These forms are just another way of expressing their opinion and interpretation of a certain literature, video, etc. Then as others consume the product that someone else has created it then in turn changes and affects their views and interpretations.

It might be interesting, an a way that we can utilize all of our interest in the various things that we are reading to try and incorporate how we have consumed our literature, and how that has changed our reading of it. Some have used audio books, others have read from their kindle, or read the comic book version of the book. Each of these ways have produced a different insight. I know I am interested in exploring more about creative communication as a way of interpretation.

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