Friday, May 27, 2011

James Joyce as a Young Man

  1. Discovering James Joyce as a Young Man through Project Muse

  2. I am using the database Project Muse to find more about James Joyce and his personality.

  3. Project Muse is a site that I have used before but when I was searching on JOSTR and other sites they kept bringing me back here with the articles that I needed. Project MUSE has a collection of scholarly articles and journals from many different places.

  4. I decided as I was looking at the other library resources, to look up James Joyce as a Young Man to try to understand who he was as a person.

  5. Sullivan, James P. "Padraic Colum's "James Joyce as a Young Man."" James Joyce Quarterly. Volume 45.3 (2008): 339-347. May 2008

  6. This article discussed a little bit about James Joyce's personality and development as a character. Padriac Colum worked with James Joyce and helped him get his work published. They struggled for a little bit to accomplish the publication.

  7. James Joyce wrote about things that he knew. His characters were often based on people he knew and he sometimes didn't hide that fact. That was one of the reasons why it was so hard to publish Dubliners and some of his other works. Another reason that he had a hard time getting his work published was because of the content. His stories were often a little inappropriate and made some people feel uncomfortable. James Joyce was creating something that had influenced his life, his time in Dublin. He was reproducing what he saw which is something we all do in an attempt at understanding.

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