Friday, May 13, 2011

How I Consume- Repost

I am reposting this post, because for some reason it didn't show up yesterday when I posted it. It was in my google reader but not on my blog wall... guess that goes to show how tempermental the internet can be sometimes. It is frustrating because I added a lot of links to this post I have to start all over.

My post from yesterday:
After my meeting with Dr. Burton, my head was reeling with ideas. Since we talked a lot about fan fiction, he suggested to me that I could do more focus on that subject. I started thinking about they ways that I consume media. After I watch a movie or read a book I refer to fan fiction. It is a habit that I have developed.

For example, after I watch the movie Prince of Persia, I went to (link to Prince of Persia fanfic). Sometimes I am curious just to see who has written stories about the movie I just watched, and I am interested to see how soon after the movie or tv show has aired do people start creating their stories. I do this for books too. I love the book True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, and so i decided to see if anyone had written anything about it (Charlotte Doyle Stories). There were a few stories but not as many as had been for Prince of Persia. It is kind of fun to see what people like to write about and what people like to read as well.

Going to fan fiction has become a part of my consume process. I had not realized this until my meeting with Dr. Burton. I think it would be interesting to see how fan fiction has changed literature and the ways others read and consume.

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