Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finding the Life of James Joyce through LRC

  1. Finding the Life of James Joyce through LRC
  2. My purpose is to explore the LRC (Learning Resource Center), to look for more information on James Joyce and his life and history. I hope to be able to understand the man better in order to understand his writing
  3. LRC (Learning Resource Center) contains a comprehensive and reliable online resources for research on literary topics, authors, and their works. It contains scholarly articles, reviews of books of all sorts substantive biographical essays, and full text of thousands of poems and short stories published in contemporary journals and magazines. Also it has overview of essays on thousands of books and literary topics and links to editorially selected websites on authors and their works, as well as pictures of well-known authors and audio interviews and reviews
  4. I used the basic search engine by typing in James Joyce. I narrowed the search by unclicking all the content type to just biographies and then search for words just in people about or by. I found an article by Rob Tocalino, his article had graphics and so I clicked on that one. I was lead to a brief biographical sketch of James Joyce and all the of the novels and short stories that he had written.
  5. Tocalino, Rob. "James Joyce." Bookmarks 2011/05 2007: 14. Print.
  6. I discovered that James Joyce didn't really enjoy living in Dublin. Although he did not have a terrible history with his home town he was always disgusted with it. He was very smart and went to Catholic school. But by the age of sixteen he no longer wanted to be a member of the Catholic Church. He moved around a lot and lived off of odd jobs. He did not marry Nora (his wife) until much later in their life. A lot of the characters he used in his writings were based off of actual people that he knew. He lived in poverty for the end part of his life.
  7. Because of the fact that Joyce did not look kindly on Dublin the people and situations that he wrote about are portrayed in a negative light. Joyce believed that the people in Dublin were in a sort of paralysis, unable to really progress or move out of this place that he despised. The characters in his stories often wish to escape but few can really escape. Those who leave often have better lives but they still hold onto Dublin, much like Joyce did. For someone who did not care for his home town he had a kind of intense obsession with it.

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