Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mashing and Remixing

I was having a hard time deciding how I should read James Joyce's Dubliners. I wanted more than just a quick read. I began searching other blogs to see what others were saying about Dubliners but I still could not conclude any definite solution to my reading problem.

After thinking and searching I came across a you tube video that a few kids did for their english class. They had taken two stories, Araby and Eveline and created a video about both of these stories. They combined the stories into one. Although the changed some of the plot the main story remained the same. It was interesting to see their verison of the story. Fan fiction has always appealed to me so I tried to think how I could apply fan fiction to James Joyce. After that I started searching for stories that people had recreated about James Joyce. I was able to find another story about Araby that continued on after the boy left the market. I think it might be interesting to talk to the person who posted the story as well.

Fan fiction is a way for people to express how they feel about things that they have consumed. Almost as a way of understanding it. I think it would be interesting to look at Jame Joyce and his Dubliners and see how various people read his stories. Someone much older might read his stories very different than someone who is in High School. Just as someone in the United States might have an entirely different reading than someone who is in Ireland. How I am going to do this is by reading others' fan fictions as well as their blogs so I can get a personal insite to what Jame Joyce means to them.

I also think it might be interesting to learn more about James Joyce and what inspired him to write Dubliners.

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