Monday, May 9, 2011

Connecting across Continents

This weekend was Mother's Day, and my little brother was able to call home to talk to the family. He is currently serving a mission for our church in Costa Rica. First, my dad called him from his phone and then called us so that we could have a three-way call. While we were all chatting with each other I had to pause and think about the technology that made this call possible. My brother was in Costa Rica, my family in Texas, and my brother and I were sitting at my grandparent's home in Utah.

As we are moving towards being more a connected society it can be a scary concept. There are so many things that computers, phones, and other technologies can do. Although there are things we need to be cautious of (see Matt Harrison's blog) there are also things that we can rejoice in. Holding a conversation over the phone in three separate locations would not have been possible. Technology can be scary but it also can be awesome!

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