Friday, May 13, 2011

User's Guide to Internet

In thinking about a collaborative project that our class could do, I tired to think of something that would be beneficial to a large group of people. I tried to think, before I was in this class, what I would like to have available. I know how to use the basic search engines, and I was aware of blogging and some social networks like facebook. Before this class that was the extent of my knowledge of the Internet. I never heard of Diigo or Goodreads. There is so many websites that can assist students and non-students alike.

My thought was to create a web page of some sort, or a document, that talks about various websites and how to use those sites. If we could explain the uses of Google Documents or why people should get Diigo accounts, I think it would open people's eyes to all that is out there in the digital world. Even talking about audio books and e-books and how one can get those books. It might be an interesting bit of information to spread to everyone else. Kind of like a user's guide to the Internet. I know that there are other networks and sites out there that I am not even aware of. Maybe it is too large of a project or too small, depends on where it is taken.

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